Employment Application


If yes, explain the number of conviction(s), the nature of each offense, the date(s) of which the act was committed, and the type of sentence(s) imposed:

Information to the applicant: As part of our procedure for processing your employment application, your personal and employment history are likely to be checked. All Lavo Collections, LLC employees and applicants are subject to a complete and thorough background check. If any of the aforementioned information has been misrepresented or purposely omitted on this application, your application and employment, if applicable, will be terminated. Prior to gaining employment, you may be asked to provide a birth certificate, proof of authorization to work in the United States, have a physical examination and/or drug test, and sign a conflict of interest agreement and abide by the terms presented. If you agree with these terms, please sign below to complete this application.

Lavo Collections, LLC, An Equal Employment Opportunity: While many employers are required by federal law to have an Affirmative Action Program, all employers are required to provide equal employment opportunity and may ask your national origin, race and sex for planning and reporting purposes only. This information is optional and failure to provide it will have no affect on your possible employment with Lavo Collections, LLC.